Can Property Taxes Go Down?

There are lots of factors that can cause property taxes to go down, such as property value, government spending, and tax exemptions.

What Happens If You Don't Pay Your Property Taxes?

If you don't pay your property taxes, you can lose your house but there are ways to be proactive.

Why Did My Property Taxes Increase After A Successful Grievance?

Property Taxes are calculated using many numbers. There are other factors that come into play when calculating a total tax bill.

What Happens to Home Prices During a Recession?

Recessions can have a big impact on homes and the real estate market making it a hard time to be a seller.

What Is An Assessed Value?

An assessed value and a property value have a similar purpose in your tax bill but are not equivalent.

5 Property Tax Grievance Myths

Do assessor's visit homes? Can I grieve my taxes more than once? Do I need to pay school taxes? and many more questions.

Suffolk County Gets Hacked

Suffolk County was hit with a cyberattack in September 2022 that caused major outtages in the county's systems.

How To Check If You Are Overassessed

Understanding your property assessment, tax rate and the RAR can help determine if you are overassessed.

Why Every Nassau County Homeowner Should Grieve Their Taxes

One of the most expensive suburbs outside of NYC also pays some of the highest taxes in the country.

When Do Reassessments Happen?

Reassessments can happen every year or whenever your local government decides. Either way it's always a good idea to file a tax grievance.

Fixer Upper or Move In Ready?

The pros and cons of a Fixer-Upper compared to a Move-in ready or turn-key home.

Do Taxes Increase When You Buy A House?

Buying a house can come with a lot of surprises, your tax bill shouldn't be one of them. Learn more about the effect that buying a home has on your taxes.

How Your Tax Bill Is Calculated

Knowing where the numbers on your property tax bill come from is important. Learn the break down of your property tax bill here.

5 Things To Do As A First Time Home Owner

Wondering where to start after buying your new home? Five things to do if you are a first time home owner in New York.

2 Ways To Lower Your Property Taxes

In New York State there are several ways to minimize your property tax burden. Take advantage of your state government programs and your right to grieve your taxes.

Why is Your Property Tax Bill Increasing?

Property taxes can be increased by a numerous amount of reasons. Most likely, it's due to the tax rate. But never fear, a successful tax grievance can help bring them back down.

How We Grieve Your Taxes

The process of grieving your property taxes can be long and exhausting, but Aventine Properties is here to take it off your hands.

Can An Inground Pool Raise Property Taxes?

An inground pool will most definitely increase the value of your home thereby indirectly increasing your tax bill.

Nassau County Tax Payer Protection Plan

Nassau County has announced a plan to phase in increased tax bills over the next five years.