Reduce Your Property Taxes by Filing a Tax Grievance Today

New York State allows home owners to file a tax grievance in order to lower your property taxes. Let us represent you during the process! We take care of the paperwork, research and court dates. You have nothing to lose - except those excessive property taxes.

Information on Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester and all other counties served:

Property Tax Grievance Firm

What is a Tax Grievance?

A Tax Grievance is a formal complaint made by a property owner to the town when they believe they are overpaying in taxes. The town will hear your case and decide whether you deserve a reduction or not. The majority of property owners get denied at BAR (Board of Assessment Review) but you can appeal your case at SCAR (Small Claims Assessment Review). Learn more about the New York State Tax Grievance Procedures.

Benefits of Starting a Tax Grievance

permanent tax savings

ongoing tax assessment reduction benefit year after year until a town wide reassessment happens.

no fee

you only pay a fee if we obtain a property tax reduction on your assessment. If we are unable to reduce your property taxes you wil pay NOTHING.

no risk to you

your property assessment can only be reduced. Towns will not raise your taxes for filing a tax grievance.

value increases

get a higher return when you sell if your taxes are less. Properties with lower taxes have a greater appeal to buyers

No court dates

we will make any court appearances on your behalf for the duration of your case.

No property visits

no one should visit your property, but if they do you should always politely decline.

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Residential Property Tax Grievance

Residential property tax grievance is a complaint made on your behalf, against your town’s assessed value on your home. Your property assessment equates to a fair market value. If it can be shown using comparable sales that your home is worth less than this fair market value, we can obtain a property tax assessment reduction which will reduce your property taxes. File a Tax Grievance Today!

Commercial Tax Grievance

Commercial tax grievances must be filed through a tax certiorari proceeding which is a legal process that challenges the assessment of commercial (and potentially all other) properties. The objective of this proceeding is to lower your assessment which will proportionally reduce your real estate taxes. File a Tax Grievance Today!

Our Reviews

We just got our second reduction over the last few years, both successful tax grievances accomplished by Aventine. We get lots of offers from firms in the mail, but will only use Aventine.

Edmond O

Aventine was able to work through the entire pandemic and get me a significant tax assessment reduction in my property taxes. I highly recommend them for anyone in the area.

Michael F

Most importantly, the Aventine folks were a pleasure to deal with. Their agreement was straightforward and simple and they produced results (an 18.5% reduction)...Thanks Aventine!

Andrew B

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